Haymarsh Hunt Club   

GPS coordinates

43o 29’ 21.75” N

85o  19’ 19.50” W

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Rules We Live By

  •     A license is not required to hunt farm-raised game birds on a licensed game bird hunting preserve. However, hunters who want to take wild game species while hunting on a game bird preserve must have the appropriate hunting licenses, including a federal duck stamp if applicable, and follow state laws governing the hunting of that species.

  •      Guests must be accompanied by a club member.

  •      Waivers must be signed yearly before each member’s and guest’s first hunt.

  •      Members may schedule hunts in advance by reserving fields.

  •      A minimum purchase of two (2) pheasants (or equivalent) per field is required to reserve fields on weekdays, while a three (3) bird minimum is required for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

  •      Members may hunt without purchasing birds, but any “scratch” birds harvested will cost half the released price.  Fields may not be reserved for scratch hunting.  We limit the number of members to accommodate those who want to come on the spur of the moment.

  •      Members must log in before hunting and log out after hunting.

  •       All hunters are expected to be familiar with all our rules and to conduct themselves in a congenial, sportsman-like manner.

  •       Stay within the confines of the preserve.  If you have to leave the property to retrieve your dog, leave your gun behind.  When in doubt, don’t go!

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